Free Download: BeatauCue – Nivile (Original Mix)Beataucue Nivile E1356712708482

Free Download: BeatauCue – Nivile (Original Mix)

BeatauCue‘s production style has gone through numerous metamorphoses since the duo assembled. Whether in the studio producing glimmering nu-disco, heavy dubstep, progressive anthems or now trap, the Kitsune-backed duo has managed to infuse a variety of styles with their own French house-tinged melodies. At times hollow and other times¬†delightfully¬†robust, “Nivile” overflows with nu-disco stabs and quirky vocal stutters matched by the newly relevant hi-hat hits of Trap music. Encased in a wonky Trap meets Dubstep-inspired breakdown, the off tempo percussion is met with dubstep groans and throaty chirps resulting in another inventive, yet approachable, release from the two Parisian risk takers.