Good Morning Mix – Fatboy Slim’s Xmas Mixtape 2011Fatboy Slim Head Shot 1

Good Morning Mix – Fatboy Slim’s Xmas Mixtape 2011

Some of you may be using your holidays to light the menorah, trim the tree, or eat an obscene amount of peppermint bark but Fatboy Slim makes us mixes. Last year, Norm released a free mix to celebrate Christmas cheer and we’re taking another listen this year as a lead-up to the 2012 holidays. This is a DJ mix in the traditional sense; Norm throws in the old and new, telling a story suited for both commercial and underground ears along the way. We’ve got Queen, Riva Starr, Beardyman, Azealia Banks, Afrojack, Bart B More & Harvard Bass, Grandmaster Flash, and Moby all woven together into a neat little Fatboy Slim tapestry of sound. It’s high energy and never misses a beat — take a listen for yourself below.

Check out the full tracklist here.

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