Good Morning Mix – Lee Burridge Live at Kristal Glam Club (11/24/2012)

Today’s Good Morning Mix provides a glimpse into the wonderful world that is everything Lee Burridge — when listening to one of his sets you’ll get deep house, techno, breakbeats, acid house, and even trancey sounds. Lee Burridge may have showed up on the 39th slot on this year‘s Resident Advisor top 100 DJ list, but he’s probably been appearing on the list longer than some of the other entrants have been walking.

There’s something to be said for longevity and consistency, and we’re saying it about Lee. Burridge manages to demonstrate the traditional role of the DJ as connoisseur; delivering rare gems we could never find on our own but still make us move onto the floor. Do some exploring of your own through this recent live set of his from Bucharest’s Kristal Glam Club and if you find yourself in San Francisco, Chicago, or New York towards the end of the month, check out one of his upcoming shows.

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