Mike Koglin vs. 7 Skies – Vision (Original Mix)Mike Koglin Vs. 7 Skies Vision E1356024991676

Mike Koglin vs. 7 Skies – Vision (Original Mix)

The legendary German trance producer Mike Koglin is back with his third major collaboration of late (the other two being “Dyno” with “Helion” with Genix) in the form of “Vision” with Italian producer 7 Skies. The track lifts off with a grungy bass riff, slowly building with a sprinkle of staccato pad work into a full blown synth breakdown. We don’t want to oversell you on this one, but it’s a truly rapturous trance anthem. If you recognize it, you may remember hearing it in Above & Beyond’s TATW 450 set in Bangalore back at the end of November.

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