Nicky Romero opens up about the production of Rihanna’s ‘Right Now’ with David Guetta

Nicky Romero is the latest dance music producer to cross over into the pop arena after co-producing “Right Now” with David Guetta for Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic. In a recent interview with MTV News, Romero opened up about the production that he is “super proud of.” While working together in London’s Metropolis Studios, Guetta suggested crafting some beats for Rihanna, and Nicky jumped at the task.

After praising Rihanna’s appeal and attitude, Nicky told MTV News about the process, explaining, “we played a few songs that we made, a few hip-hop songs and a few dance songs and a lot of stuff… and she was like ‘Yeah, I want to have this song combined with that world. And actually I want both worlds to glue together and make it one thing.'” Check out the interview below the break to find out how Nicky Romero fused dance with pop for a production strong enough to land on Rihanna’s album.

Via: MTV News

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