Pan-Pot ring in the holidays with gritty White Fiction EPPan Pot Kepler Sidney Charles Remi

Pan-Pot ring in the holidays with gritty White Fiction EP

There is much to be said about the German duo that makes up Pan-Pot. Since their inception in 2005, they have been forging frontward an unorthodox and experimental wave of techno. They return to Mobilee Records with a three-part installment featuring tracks of dark and intricate qualities — straying from relentless and repetitive 4/4 patterns and instead taking the experimental route.

The title track, “White Fiction,” is layers upon layers of gritty chord play supported by a throbbing bass line. Punching synths and pulsating rhythm meet around a gloomy melody and vocal segment, making it out to be eight minutes of classic Pan-Pot work. “Mentral Rush” is just as the title perceives; slightly more uptempo with darker percussions — molding itself into a true techno bomb. The final track, “Kepler,” is a combination of futuristic funky noises and comes with a slowed down, deep rework from Sidney Charles. If you’re trying to explore outside the norm this Christmas, take a listen to the entire stream and purchase links below.

Purchase: Beatport

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