R3hab & ZROQ – Skydrop (Original Mix)R3hab 2

R3hab & ZROQ – Skydrop (Original Mix)

After a relentless barrage of remixes, R3hab has gotten back to his “The Bottle Song” basics and created another teeth-clenching electro grindfest. Bruxism be damned, Fadil’s latest collaboration with ZROQ, accurately titled “Skydrop,” is the type of sawtooth driven party music we’ve come to expect from one of the scene’s most prolific producers.  ZROQ lends his production prowess to R3hab’s quintessential chainsaw synthesizers on “Skydrop” — matching them with big room chord slams and a punchy breakdown that is peppered with robotic croaks and cowls.

The track is set to be released on December 17th via Tiesto‘s Musical Freedom imprint.

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