SBE Nightlife acquires new property Vanguard in Los Angeles, partners with Insomniac events for New Year’s Eve

SBE Nightlife, a major group with well-known properties like Greystone Manor and Hyde Lounge, has acquired a new property Vanguard.

With over 20,000 square feet of interactive indoor and outdoor spaces, Vanguard’s centerpiece is the largest LED screen in Hollywood. More importantly, Vanguard’s main priority is to halt the bleeding of EDM talent from Los Angeles to Vegas. In partnership with Insomniac, it aims to be the authoritative showcase of globally relevant DJs and artists on a consistent weekly basis.

A combination of both exceptional Vegas styled VIP service and mind-blowing production, Vanguard is rumored to be redesigning experiences for the upcoming 2013 winter and spring season, with a confirmed New Years show with Thomas Gold to start things off.

Stay tuned for more information, as partners of this magnitude validates this property as a major player to watch in 2013.

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