Swedish House Mafia hint at added NYC date for One Last Tour

It’s not over yet, folks. We thought One Last Tour‘s last bit of news came in the form of The Final Announcement, but it seems NYC fans have more to which they can look forward. Continuing the theme of cryptic and partitioned disclosure, Swedish House Mafia offered the tweet below the break yesterday evening:


The Swedish triumvirate plan to close out February with another New York date, making a five day run with Madison Square Garden slated for March 1st and Barclays Center the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. What do you think ‘BTR’ stands for? What could be the significance of the bow ties? I love a good mystery.

Considering how fast the other NYC shows sold-out, we suggest being prepared with high-speed internet access and a fast trigger finger. Stay tuned to DA for more info as it comes.

UPDATED: Back in November the SHM boys were asking for a venue to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims.  They have now confirmed the acronym ‘BTR’ as ‘Black Tie Rave’ and we believe this Sandy charity event will be a black tie affair.

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