Voting opens for 28th International Dance Music Awards2012 International Dance Music Awards

Voting opens for 28th International Dance Music Awards

The same week that the Grammys fumbled its dance music nominations, voting has opened for its far more credible counterpart, Winter Music Conference’s International Dance Music Awards. The IDMAs annually showcase each of the moving parts that make up the sprawling global automaton we call dance music, from producers and promoters to clubs and software developers. Containing nearly 60 separate categories and a consistent emphasis on innovation, the IDMAs are one of the few dance music awards that command respect from both the industry and the public. Most importantly, you won’t find Al Walser on here. Unless you choose to write him in. In which case, God help you.

You can check out last year’s results here, then head to 2012’s ballot to cast your vote before the polls close December 21st.

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