Breaking: Counterpoint Festival moving to New York this summer (Update: Counterpoint will return to Atlanta, New York addition still unconfirmed)

The producers of Lollapalooza, Lights All Night, and Camp Bisco are bringing their very own Counterpoint Music Festival to New York this summer. The town of Saugerties, NY voted unanimously on Wednesday granting conditional approval for the dates of July 11-13, barring the securing of mass gathering permits. MCP Presents CEO, Jonathan Fordin, expects the festival to make an announcement, including a lineup, within two weeks. Located two hours north from NYC and an hour and a half south of Camp Bisco, this will be the first concert hosted at Winston Farm since Woodstock ’94; where 350,000 muddy fans gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Woodstock. Considering Atlanta’s lineup last year, we are excited to see what Counterpoint has in store for New York.

Just to clarify, Counterpoint plans to add a second location, in addition to Atlanta.

Update: Counterpoint will return to Atlanta and the addition of a New York festival remains unconfirmed. No formal announcement has been made yet about New York, but standby for more information soon.

Via: Daily Freeman

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