Computer Club – Win or Lose EP [Free Download]6581449

Computer Club – Win or Lose EP [Free Download]

The ever-increasing number of EDM genres can make choosing a sonic direction difficult for budding artists. Not so for Computer Club, who clearly checked “all of the above” on every test he ever took.

The Los Angeles-based producer, known for his electro-indie collaborations with Le Castle Vania, shows off his stylistic versatility on his new Win or Lose EP, out this week on Exploratory Records. The upbeat title track is a collaborative effort with Must Die! that sports rollicking drum and bass rhythms alongside euphoric synths, as well as a scintillating vocal line that is rightfully given more room to breathe on Infuze’s stellar dubstep reinterpretation. Computer Club teams with New York’s Gosteffects to channel Daft Punk on “Party Tonight,” an electro-funk anthem replete with robot vocals and a manic Rule of Eight and PrototypeRaptor remix.

On perhaps the most appropriately named song of all-time, “Nerdin Out in the Trap” finds Computer Club layering throwback 808 kicks and 303 synths over stuttered vocal sample homages to the beloved Roland analog gear that produced them. Each track is available to download free from Computer Club’s Soundcloud, so there’s no excuse not to claim your copy after the break.

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