Congorock and Sean Paul's 'Bless Di Nation' gets reworked by Clockwork

Congorock and Sean Paul’s ‘Bless Di Nation’ gets reworked by Clockwork

Clockwork is back at it again, this time revealing his remix of Congorock‘s “Bless Di Nation.” The bass-heavy producer has been playing out his rendition of the bubbling dancehall production in live sets and now he is ready for listeners to hear the mastered version.

Using Sean Paul’s original vocals, Clockwork turns “Bless Di Nation” from dancehall reggae into electro-house with ease. Keeping the Jamaican vibes intact, Clockwork turns up the BPM and muffles the bassline forming a big room production driven by the beat. The track is officially due out January 8, but listen for yourself before it’s released.

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