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Dancing Astronaut’s Top 10 Tracks of January 2013

Want an easy way to make sure you are up to date on all the latest, best music? Dancing Astronaut takes a look at the top 10 tracks officially released in January and ranks them based on a combination of reader feedback, track quality, editorial preference & critical reception.

Dancing Astronaut wraps up January for you with another edition of our top 10 tracks of the month. January’s list features massive tracks from reader favorites Sander van Doorn, Armin van Buuren with Markus Schulz, Dillon Francis, and more. Not to be missed are also fantastic efforts from up-comers Oliver, Dannic, Audien, and The M Machine. Click past the break for our top 10 tracks of December!

10. Dannic – Clobber (Original Mix)

Featuring an energizing bassline that has kept club-goers on their feet into the early hours of the morning, “Clobber” from Dannic is literally infectious and has spread like wildfire throughout discotheques worldwide. With its intoxicating loop and high energy feel throughout, this progressive house track was an excellent breakout choice for Dannic to begin 2013 in style as he continues to show the masses exactly what he is capable of.

9. Audien – Wayfarer (Original Mix)

Audien’s January release, “Wayfarer,” landed on our radar when Above & Beyond made it the inaugural selection for their Group Therapy radio show, and now that it has caused a commotion, we can safely say the hype has been real. Captivating melodies and clean drum kicks lead the way for what is sure to be one of the greater efforts across trance this January.

8. Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven (The M Machine Remix)

Bruno Mars unleashed the remix package for “Locked Out Of Heaven” featuring takes from Sultan + Ned Shepard, Paul Oakenfold, Cazzette, but most notably, The M Machine. Taking the radio-dominating top 40 hit by storm, The M Machine throws in a light, airy dubstep flare to give the track a sense of unique electro that differs from the rest of the package.

Dancing Astronaut’s Top 10 Tracks of January 2013Mord

7. Mord Fustang – Taito (Original Mix)

This month Mord Fustang has returned with “Taito,” a catchy electro effort that builds around synth stabs and infuses an element of nu-disco. Holding back on the drop, the track’s climax twists the existing infectious loop while adding an element of spontaneous bass. Worth the wait, Mord Fustang’s latest offering is a unique and mastered helping of electronica.

6. Daddy’s Groove – Stellar (Extended Club Mix)

Following months of anticipation, “Stellar” has finally been released and instantly climbed the charts and snuck into DJ sets worldwide. The instrumentally intricate melodic build is one of a kind, the vocals are of the top-tier, and the progression is the bliss you’ve come to expect from the Italian trio, Daddy’s Groove.

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5. Dada Life – So Young So High (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dada Life has called upon another one of dance music’s most prolific characters to remix “So Young So High,” their bubbly production off The Rules of Dada. Dillon Francis leaves his mark on “So Young So High” without restraining Dada’s energy, simply turning up the dial on the chaos notch.

4. Oliver – MYB (Original Mix)

“MYB” (Move Your Body) is a nothing less than a dance floor spark plug — its energetic electro house break and surprisingly musical synth bridge really make this song the total package along the lines of, dare I say it?! — a Daft Punk track. The top selection off Oliver’s Mechanical EP gives us reason to keep the rising producers on our radar.

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3. Boys Noize – What You Want (Chromeo Remix)

Kings of electrofunk Chromeo are notorious for their groovy, vocal-warping disco house productions. Taking on “What You Want” off of Boys Noize’s Out of the Black album, the Canadian duo rework the heavy, blitzing original track into something entirely more digestible. And what would a Chromeo production be without their signature yearning vocals?

2. Armin van Buuren & Markus Schulz – The Expedition (ASOT600 Anthem)

In honor of their forthcoming A State of Trance 600 Expedition Tour, trance titans Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz have joined forces on its powerfully melodic anthem by the same name. “The Expedition” lives up to the heightened expectations that accompany any collaboration of this magnitude, sporting a haunting vocal intro that gives way to the requisite indefatigable synth progressions. The track fittingly represents the best aspects of each artist, pairing Armin’s tireless energy and taste for the grandiose with Markus’ multifaceted sound.

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1. Sander van Doorn – Joyenergizer (Original Mix)

Topping the charts with a unanimous favorite with “Nothing Inside,” along with the groundbreaking releases of “Kangaroo” and Chasin’,” Sander van Doorn has asserted dominance once again. “Joyenergizer” is as unique of an offering as we’ve seen, as Sander tops himself with melodic upswings and infectious gyrations of electro resonance.