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Gigamesh upgrades his 2012 ‘Don’t Stop’ with 2.0 rework

As nu-disco continues to pick up speed, artists like Gigamesh aren’t slowing in bringing on funky productions dripping with disco-era appeal. Matt Marsuka aka Gigamesh first gained recognition for his poppy remixes, but it was his clear sense of genre fusion that caught our ear. The Minneapolis-based producer is championed for his remixes of Two Door Cinema Club, Foster The People and Katy B to name a few, but his latest output is a mastered version of his 2012 “Don’t Stop.” The new adaptation, “Don’t Stop (Version 2.0)” gives listeners a polished rendition of the already twinkling disco production. Though the updated rework does not add much when it comes to new sounds, the vocals of Jana Nyberg shine through the perfected bubbling beat. Stay tuned to Gigamesh’s soundcloud for the free download.

Click below the break to listen to “Don’t Stop (Version 2.0)” and check out the original music video for “Don’t Stop” featuring footage from the 1975 cult classic Death Race 2000 here.

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