Infected Mushroom – Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 EPInfected Mushroom Friends On Mushrooms Vol 1

Infected Mushroom – Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 EP

Israeli psytrance phenoms, Infected Mushroom are back this week with Friends On Mushrooms Vol. 1, a four track EP released through Dim Mak. Though their sound has evolved from hardcore to psytrance to dubstep and hit several genres in between, Duvdev and Erez prove they’re still fully capable of infecting fans with this latest release.

The duo teamed up with Hope 6 on opening track “Where Do I Belong,” a dubby reggae tune sounding nothing like moombahton but somehow more relevant. “Bass Nipple” hits next and sounds exactly like what you’d expect from an electro house Infected track; grimy, melodic, and mind-melting. Their collaboration with Astrix, “Astrix on Mushrooms,” is as close to classic psy-trance as the evolved band is likely to get and “Mambacore” channels the beloved glitch-hop elements of Army of Mushrooms into a charmingly psychedelic trip through hi hats snares and off tempo kicks.

Though Infected Mushroom is continuously experimenting with genres, this latest EP proves that the Infected skill will never change.

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