Pioneer launches limited Platinum Collection, giving pro-DJ set up a face-lift

This chromatic Elysian Field of knobs, switches, and sliders before you is the new limited edition product line from Pioneer. The CDJ-2000nexus multiplayer, DJM-900nexus mixer and RMX-1000 remix station lead the pack in professional performance and will now handily double as a mirror. Platinum chrome panels reflect dazzling blue and white LEDs and a platinum chrome jog wheel completes the metallic look, encouraging even more scanty scratching from postulant DJs. With a price tag of $6999, we doubt too many beginners will be spinning from these decks. While this bedazzled set up may be reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s cellphone, it is still undeniably cool. Just bask in the bossness of James Zabiela showcasing the product below.

Via Pioneer

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