UPDATED: The City of Miami considers shutting down Ultra Music Festival weekend two

The City of Miami has introduced on a resolution that would prevent Bayfront Park from hosting the second weekend of Ultra Music Festival. The resolution claims the festival to be disruptive to residents and the business community for reasons of noise and traffic. If passed, Ultra will be once again limited to one weekend in 2013 — but we will have to play the waiting game to see what comes of this one. Whether this resolution has been approved by the City Council or merely introduced is still being investigated, and Vice Chairman Marc Sarnoff, sponsor of the resolution, could not be reached for comment at press time. Jump below the break for the official resolution from The City of Miami.

UPDATED: According to the Miami New Times 

It’s unclear at this point whether the resolution would actually prevent the second weekend of Ultra from happening.

Let’s hope it’s nothing more than a few irritated residents.

Via: ExMiami