Watch This: Late Night Alumni perform live at The Great Hall in Salt Lake City

Ever since their first album, Empty Streets, was released in 2005, Late Night Alumni have been working tirelessly to blur the lines between live and electronic music. Comprised of Ryan Raddon,  Finn Bjarnson, John Hancock, and vocalist Becky Jean Williams the band melds trance-like vocals and euphoric string work with Kaskade‘s poignant electronic influence to create a sound and style that is truly transcendent.  For those of us not always content with the same old CDJ/Mixer set up, LNA provide a welcome reprieve from the tried and true formula – proving that electronic music can be created live without sacrificing it’s integrity.

Watch part of their performance at The Great Hall and go behind the scenes of Kaskade‘s side project in Part 1 of the 6 part video series. Their fourth album, The Beat Becomes The Sound, will be released on January 29th via Ultra Records.

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