Zeds Dead get spooky, tribal, and deep on new Hot Sauce EPZeds Dead Hot Sauce EP

Zeds Dead get spooky, tribal, and deep on new Hot Sauce EP

In the last year, Zeds Dead have exalted their status to the highest tier of dubstep producers. From their rugged Living Dead EP to their more reserved Victor EP, Zeds Dead have shown a knack for both mischief and musicality. If their live shows have proved anything, it’s that DC and Hooks are never content with stagnation. With tastes ranging from trap, to breaks, to electro house and more, it’s about time Zeds Dead have integrated their more creative interests into productions.

Hot Sauce EP is not your standard Zeds Dead release. Boasting only one traditional dubstep song and no Omar Linx, Hot Sauce showcases some of Zeds Dead’s more obscure musical affinities. With midtempo, deep/garage, tribal, and breaks represented, Hot Sauce is an experimental release geared towards reconstructing the Zeds Dead sound to a more liberal definition. Check out all five originals below the break.

“Demons” is as creepy as its name implies. A haunting, off-key melody paves the way for a menacing midtempo drop. “Demons” feels better suited for Zeds Dead’s previous Living Dead EP.

“Mr. Sub” is something entirely new from Zeds Dead. Deep, subsonic, and minimal, “Mr. Sub” is funky future with an overarching impression of deep house. I never thought I’d hear such a track from Zeds Dead, but it’s potentially my favorite from the entire EP.

“Playa” is one of the more spicy additions to the EP. For anyone who is a fan of Dismantle and his tribal dance stylings (think “Computation”), “Playa” is right up your alley. Minimally layered with a focus on percussion, “Playa” is a more experimental direction from Zeds Dead.

While Zeds Dead are most commonly known for their battering dubstep productions, the duo have long been invested in breaks. “Rave” is the epitome of  Zeds Dead’s live sets: a maelstrom of sonic energy and gyrating bodies, pulsating to a heavy percussive beat.

“Trouble” is littered with Zeds Dead’s signature distorted synths. Ripping bass balanced with subtle piano chords easily make “Trouble” the most characteristic Zeds Dead track on the EP.

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