Avicii working with Nile Rodgers, Mike Shinoda, Mac Davis and more on forthcoming albumAvicii Skyler Greene

Avicii working with Nile Rodgers, Mike Shinoda, Mac Davis and more on forthcoming album

Avicii recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss plans for his upcoming album, divulging his vision for what is likely to raise the bar for the Swedish producer’s already stellar career. The album, which Avicii plans to be a collection of singles that work together to form a cohesive artistic vision, will feature credits from a variety of artists including Mike Einzinger of Incubus, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, the legendary Nile Rodgers (who also collaborated with Daft Punk) as well as Mac Davis, the man responsible for some of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits.

Often referring to the goal of the album as an attempt to create something “classic,” Avicii goes on to talk about how working with a variety of talented artists has allowed him to fully realize his vision.

“If you put me in a room with someone like Mike [Einzinger] or an amazing singer, I have the melodies in my head and I know exactly where to take everything, but I’m not able to do it myself, I’m not able to sing. So when I’m with someone who does sing and all these acoustic instruments, I know exactly what to do with it”

Self-described as featuring more “acoustic” elements than his previous productions, the forthcoming album is expected to have aspects of folk and soul intertwined with Avicii’s Swedish electronica.

With a 4 day studio session with Nile Rodgers in the near future, there is very little doubt that this album will be Avicii’s next milestone achievement — an artistic statement proving that he has outgrown the success of his hit singles and is ready to step outside the shadow of “Levels” to produce something truly extraordinary.

Via: Rolling Stone

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