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Blende & Surrender! – Synapse EP

Blende tickled the ears of listeners throughout 2012 with his nu-disco electro hybrid productions, landing him a spot on DA‘s Artists to Watch in 2013 . Beginning the new year with a preview to his Synapse EP, Blende taunted fans with the first glimpse of his collaborative effort with La Bombe labelmate Surrender! on the EP’s title track.Jump below the break for a listen to the twinkling extended play.

“Synapse” is a glimmering start to the 3-track EP, combining a funky rhythm with a lush melody to create effortless disco appeal right off the bat.

Blende & Surrender!  – Synapse (Original Mix)

“Flash” picks up were “Synapse” leaves off, but the two producers add a bit more grit with bouncing bass plugs before working in synthesized piano chords.

Blende & Surrender!  – Flash (Original Mix)

“Circus” wraps up the short-lived Synapse giving listeners another version of the recent sounds of nu-disco. The track starts off with more electro flare than the rest, beginning with a pulsing beat that quickly turns into cascading hihats and bursting bass drops that form a funky finish.

Blende & Surrender!  – Circus (Original Mix)

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