Butch Clancy releases entire ‘A Beautiful Mind’ LP for freeButch Clancy A Beautiful Mind LP

Butch Clancy releases entire ‘A Beautiful Mind’ LP for free

Though he made a name for himself with creative dubstep remixes of popular songs, in the past few months, Butch Clancy has invested his energies almost exclusively in the flourishing, hip-hop-inspired genre of trap. For the past nine weeks or so, Clancy has gifted a plethora of free originals as part of his Trap Tuesdays series. Concluding the series, Clancy has organized the nine trap singles into a bulky LP entitled A Beautiful Mind. Click past the break to hear our thoughts on the LP and snag the free download from Butch Clancy’s Facebook.

While much of the trap game consists of remixing well-known EDM tracks into booming, 140 bpm renditions, A Beautiful Mind boasts nine originals of what Clancy labels “Ratchet Trap.” This is dirty, elbows-in-the-air trap, featuring a wide range of samples from everyone from California Swag District to Biggie. Blame it on my own taste in trap, but on the whole, I found many of the productions to be lacking in substance and uniqueness. With that said, I did find myself enjoying “Liarz Pt.1” and “Dopeboy.”  While many of these originals will surely be lauded by devout trap fans, I can’t help but harken for the Butch Clancy of old. With an electro house remix to Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen” in the works, I certainly respect Butch Clancy for experimenting with different genres and challenging his sound. Check out “Liaz Pt.1” and “Dopeboy” below, and head to Butch Clancy’s SoundCloud to scope and download the entire LP.

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