Watch This: Cazzette releases music video for ‘Surrender’

After finally releasing the last installment of the Spotify-only Eject EP last month, Cazzette is extending the excitement even longer by releasing the music video for “Surrender” this week. The film-like video opens with a motionless man on the floor and a seductive blonde with snake bites leaving the scene with a Cazzette logo-emblazoned suitcase. What follows is the undead but scarred man’s quest to find the contents of the suitcase; through subtitles, gun-slinging and seduction he is lead to a Cazzette show, where he presumably surrenders his stolen heart. Relying more on cinematic quality than party scenes, the video also leaves more questions than answers. But plot resolution or no plot resolution, the video at the very least provides a good soundtrack to scratch your head to.

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