DA’s Best of Instagram: Week of February 10th, 2013

Best of Instagram is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that showcases our favorite pictures from our favorite DJs on Instagram each week. This week, we’ve got gems from Chuckie, Diplo, Dillon Francis, and more.

1. So the 5 year old kid goes to the tattoo shop and wants everything just like his dad..LOL,” via @djchuckie

2. “Time to destroy my career with this #tbt picture from 2002! I was growing my hair for braids!!! emoji #throwbackthursday,” via @djchuckie

3. “This is the reason we wake up at 6am in this house. Hostile bed takeover. @MondayLily runs this house. #FamilyTime,” via @steveangello

4. “I am so full because I ate this #gigantic #exotic #Brazilian #fish,” via @tiesto

5. “My son in a box,” via @diplo

6. “Just re-posting this now that it’s on that list of strangest photos on the Internet,” via @atrak

7. “Nursery is coming along!! #HollyInWonderland #diaperrash #babypoop#babycountdown #cantwaitforbaby #welcometoplanetearth,” via @pasqualerotella

8. “I have so much work to do,” via @dillonfrancis

9.”With the legend al walser,” via @diplo

10.”About to hit some strikes!!!! #FredFlintstone #aka #RM,” via @ryanmarciano

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