Deadmau5 opens up for extensive interview, once again leaves his filter at homeDeadmau5 Vibe Magazine

Deadmau5 opens up for extensive interview, once again leaves his filter at home

In this month’s cover story for Vibe, Deadmau5 gives his take on everything from Swedish House Mafia and Avicii to Ultra and his respect for Jay-Z. The conversation is typical filterless Mau5, right down to the self-deprecation and shameless honesty. But while the content itself is entertaining what’s most interesting are the reactions. Since the story was posted, numerous media outlets have written articles sensationalizing his comments and fans have been generally angered — or at least rubbed the wrong way. But for anyone who is even slightly familiar with dance music’s morbid Mickey Mouse, this behavior and even many of his bold remarks come as no surprise.

Joel Zimmerman is well-known as the talented producer who won’t tame his personality to fit conventional media standards. And you know what? His honest approach, although sometimes insulting, works incredibly well. He says it best, “I just don’t give a fu** about pretty much anything. I tell it the way it is, sometimes more often than I should…”

The article is full of put-downs and contradictions that while fun to read, aren’t particularly insightful. Deadmau5 can rag on others for their marketing schemes or musical approaches but he appeared in an episode of Gossip Girl and openly admits that his sets aren’t off the cuff. Is Deadmau5 a prick? Maybe. Does he make good music and put on innovative shows? HELL YES – and isn’t that all that really matters anyway? It’s what he’s been trying to say all along.

Via: Vibe