Dirty South unveils the making of ‘Speed Of Life,’ reveals tracklist for debut album

March 5th is rapidly approaching and Dirty South is more than ready to unleash his debut album Speed Of Life. After a brief teaser, he has let loose a behind the scenes video to unveil the making of his highly anticipate release. Dragan touches upon his musical influences and drops names from The Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. The album has been produced in airplanes, hotels, studios and random places — a reflection of his decade-long career, hence the title Speed Of Life. Names of the album’s tracks are revealed throughout the video — find the full list beyond the break.

1. Gods (feat. Ruben Haze)
2. Super Sounds
3. Until The End (feat. Joe Gil)
4. Champions
5. Sunrise
6. Your Heart (feat. Joe Gil)
7. Reset
8. Something Like You (feat. Rudy)
9. Sunset
10. Speed Of Life

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