Disclosure opens up about recent success on UK singles chart in recent interviewDisclosure 008 E1361136956373

Disclosure opens up about recent success on UK singles chart in recent interview

Disclosure’s “White Noise” took the #2 spot on the UK singles chart last week so, naturally, mainstream news media is beginning to take notice of the aspiring duo. The Guardian, one of Britain’s largest news publications, sat down with young brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, to discuss musical influences, living in outside London and experimental hits.

The article ties Dave Jones — known in entertainment as Zed Bias — into the discussion as Disclosure has helped revive demand for the house veteran’s dark garage sound. It took 15 years for Zed to perfect his music in the same way the 18 and 21 year old have, sparking a rumor that “they couldn’t possibly be mixing it themselves.”

The two grew up listening to music by Peter Gabriel and 80s pop, which inspired them to learn the bass and piano to play along to their father’s record collection. Guy mentions hearing Joy Orbison’s “nice and quite melodic” dubstep, which promoted him to research the sound of dark garage.

They credit living outside London as their secret to focus and execution; “Benga’s just moved out near to us in Surrey because he told us that when he’s in London he just goes out all the time and never does any work. You’re most focused when you’re slightly out of the way.”

Touching upon hits “Latch” and “Tenderly,” Disclosure admits that both productions began as experiments; “It’s always the tracks you don’t expect. If you set out to make a hit it won’t work.” They went on to discuss the challenge that is mixing with their own records. “I actually find our stuff pretty hard to mix into DJ sets. Boiling has no intro, the vocal just comes in straight away,” they continued, “But people want to hear it, so you’ve got to find a way.”

Via: The Guardian 

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