Editors’ Selections: Week of February 11th, 2013

Editors’ Selections is an opportunity for your favorite Dancing Astronaut contributors to talk about some of the music they’re listening to that we might not always get an opportunity to post about from week to week. Sometimes it’s out there, sometimes it’s obscure, but you’ll always get a peak into what we’re loving behind closed doors. 


Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Crystal Vision Remix)

I discovered Psychemagik through Flight Facilities’ decade mixes. My parents made sure I grew up under Stevie’s influence so this song immediately struck a chord. It’s so nice to hear Fleetwood’s timeless sound inching its way back into the nu-disco scene.


Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Aeroplane Remix)

The remix package for Compuphonic’s killer summer track, “Sunset,” came out last week, and although all of the takes are seriously worth a listen, I felt the need to share disco demon Aeroplane‘s take, heavy drum kicks and sassy strings and all, more than the others. This is a proper remix.


Dirty Disco Youth & Dumme Jungs – Uncle Sam

I’ve always been a sucker for gritty electro house smothered in white noise and squeaky clean melodies, the type of tracks that toe-kick you right in the taint when you aren’t looking. Dirty Disco Youth and Dumme Jung‘s “Uncle Sam” does just that. It’s got elements of progressive house interspersed with down and dirty electro punches. German electro is alive and well – grab this one today for free via Dumme Jungs’ Soundcloud.


The M Machine – Schadenfreude

Though The M Machine‘s latest EP doesn’t drop until next week, “Schadenfreude” is already my favorite track off of it. The tune has everything I love about the California trio; drop-dead gorgeous vocals, tones that are truly layered, and an almost vintage vibe that defies categorization. “Schadenfreude” also throws in some drum work and an unexpected build that make it less pretty-pretty than tracks like “Glow” and “Faces.” The track is just one direction the EP takes, so definitely check the whole thing out when it is finally released this upcoming Tuesday.


Applebottom – What I Really Need (Somebody)

My affinity for deep house bass has grown tremendously over the last few months. What started off as apathy has turned into an addiction. An addiction that 18-year-old Applebottom is consistently good at feeding. My young beat-dealer’s dance-floor ready track, “What I Really Need (Somebody)” is wrapped in bass and funky vocal samples from Robin S’s classic “Show Me Love.” Press play and feel the beats.


Pentamon – Among the Thugs

Will Eastman from Volta Bureau kicked off his dark techno project, Pentamon, last month with this brooding bass-driven track. Replete with atmospheric dissonance, “Among the Thugs” is simple in approach, yet detailed in design. If you like your beats rhythmic and weird, give it a listen on his Soundcloud.


Notorious B.I.G. vs. Flume – Big Poppa is Sleepless (Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smith Mashup)

In the same vein as Notorious xx, the mashup project that combined the lyrical flow of Biggie Smalls with tracks from the xx’s eponymous album, Flume’s self-titled album has also been paired with the legendary rhymes of Christopher Wallace, courtesy of Jaymee Franchina and Jeremy Smith. While entire compilation is worth a listen, “Sleepless” paired with “Big Poppa” is one of my favorites.


Gabrielle Alpin — Please Don’t Say You Love Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)

As I dive further into the sounds of deep house and garage, I find myself gravitating towards the R&B-inspired productions of Cyril Hahn. With a heart for hip-hop, my transition into dubstep and trap came naturally, and Hahn’s bass-embellished house productions seem to be another step in my musical-taste progression. I first took note of the Swiss producer when he released his “Say My Name” remix, and more recently he’s brought listeners a glimmering remix of Gabrielle Alpin’s “Please Don’t Say You Love Me.” Hahn’s rendition is a slow-building beat with layers of melodic emotion ready for the dance-floor or the bedroom.


Blondie – Heart of Glass (Blende’s Simple Edit)
If Dancing Astronaut was your mother’s favorite blog, I’d have a tough time choosing a record from the 1970s disco catalogue that I shuffle through daily. It’s 2013, however, and we’re now enjoying those funky, infectious sounds through a new, electronic channel. Keeping my vintage taste buds up-to-date, Blende has revisited one of my all-time guilty pleasures, Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass.” Our artists to watch selectee takes the classic from disco to nu-disco and, best of all, gives his edit away for free.


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