Fatboy Slim becomes first DJ to spin at the House of Commons in ParliamentFatboy Slim 1

Fatboy Slim becomes first DJ to spin at the House of Commons in Parliament

According to Mixmag, dance music pioneer Fatboy Slim will be playing at the House of Commons on March 6th – marking the first time that a DJ has ever performed in Parliament.

“I’ve played some exciting and unique places around the world from Bondi Beach to The Great Wall of China to an Igloo but playing in the House of Commons might be the most unique to date.”

The charity event, dubbed the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation, seeks to encourage British youth to become more involved in grassroots community music projects. It is refreshing and interesting to see dance music embraced in such a way, especially after being demonized by outlets such as the LA Times for its supposed promotion of irresponsible behavior and drug use. There is great value in electronic music, both as a source of creative expression and community building, and this event marks another step in a positive direction for the often-misrepresented subculture.

After the dubstep-heavy State of the Union video, maybe it won’t be long until Skrillex is performing at the White House.

Via: Mixmag

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