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Frank Ocean ft. André 3000 – Pink Matter (Butch Remix) [Free Download]

Few men in the music industry had a bigger 2012 than Frank Ocean. His debut album Channel Orange was released to critical acclaim, he won a Grammy, and was the catalyst for global discourse on sexuality. Ocean’s collaboration with André 3000 was one of the (many) standout tracks from the album, which Butch has now remixed. Many producers have tried their hands at Frank’s tracks but Butch’s rendition stands out amongst the crowd with its throaty bass line and spastic percussion. The track injects new life into “Pink Matter” while maintaining the integrity and soul of the original. Unfortunately, Butch likely won’t be testing this one out on a crowd any time soon. “I’m pretty sure that I will not play this in any club, because [it doesn’t match] my style.”

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