Good Morning Mix – Nicolas Jaar Live at Sonar Lab Barcelona (6/15/12)Nicolas Jaar E1360456119231

Good Morning Mix – Nicolas Jaar Live at Sonar Lab Barcelona (6/15/12)

If you haven’t heard of Nicolas Jaar yet, the musical world you live in is about to be completely shattered into pieces, only to be reborn again this morning. This hefty statement will be immediately understood within four minutes of listening to the haunting set below. Nicolas was born in New York, but spent most of his life in Santiago, Chile — which explains the inspiration of the sexy South American flare behind his sound. The 23-year-old ties mystifying classical elements and percussion back into house music, which is a breath of fresh air in the electro-fuelled world we’ve become accustom to.

Don’t believe us? His debut album Space is Only Noise, released in 2011, took home the prize of ‘Album of the Year’ from Resident Advisor and MixMag. Still don’t believe us? Jaar’s 2012 mix was crowned BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year, one of the highest honors for any technical DJ. Nicolas wil be playing a live set encompassing percussion, electric guitar, bass, and all at UMF, which will be an experience not to be missed. Dive in and enjoy expanding your musical sphere.

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