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Hot Since 82 – Hot Jams Volume 2 EP

Daley Padley, the producer and DJ known as Hot Since 82, shows no signs of slowing his 2012 streak with the release of his latest EP Hot Jams Volume 2 on Noir Music. He’s planted his deep seed on labels ranging from Get Physical and Moda Black to Warung Recordings and Defected with a smattering of top notch originals and remixes. If there’s one thing that makes for a lasting impression these days, it’s a producer’s ability to develop a distinctive sound and Hot Since 82 has certainly done that. His low ends are about as deep as they come and tend to dominate the melodic force of the song, making for music that is both eerie and infectious. Check out the his four new originals below.

Hot Since 82 – Mr. Drive (Original Mix)

If you’re a Pete Tong fan, you heard Daley kick off his recent 15 minutes of fame with this one. A syncopated drum machine and dustings of hi-hat paint a busy top line. Heavy reverb and high anticipation dominate as the track builds, until “Mr. Drive” finally bubbles over into quite the climax.

Hot Since 82 – Pour The Sugar (Original Mix)

“Pour The Sugar” holds back on the hair-pulling bassline in order to intro a strong series of vocal riffs and tricks. Hand claps and wood blocks dart in and out while this lighter track pulses right along. This is better served to warm up a club night than to drive it through, but it still makes for a worthy addition to the EP.

Hot Since 82 – Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)

Remember me talking about that low end? Careful with your subs here. “Don’t Be Afraid” has late night rave track written all over it and that’s exactly what Daley does best. This track is the most typical of Hot Since 82’s previous work, and it is also my favorite on the release.

Hot Since 82 – Phat Tool (Original Mix)

What’s the phat tool here? Could it be the techno drum loop? Maybe the twinkling top line? Better even, maybe it’s Hot Since 82’s ability to show his diverse production skills.

Bottom lineHot Jams Volume 2 isn’t an EP packed full of hits, but for lovers of this genre it’s an opportunity to reflect on many of the best parts of ravey deep house music in the modern day.

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