Insomniac’s ‘Discovery Project’ returns, contest now open to win a DJ slot at Beyond Wonderland

You may remember from last year’s EDC Las Vegas, Orlando, or White Wonderland a contest named The Discovery Project. Well, Insomniac is back again — generously offering a big break to bedroom producers everywhere for this year’s Beyond Wonderland. Do you think you might be qualified? They’re asking for a remix of James Egbert‘s track “Back to New” and a thirty-minute DJ mix recorded in real time. You can find the stems for the remix and more instructions here. This contest is open to any genre of electronic music, so get creative and think outside of the box. In addition to a potential performance spot at one of Southern California’s largest massives, you may also win promotional efforts on Insomniac’s powerful social media channels and consideration for Insomniac’s forthcoming DJ management project. Life could be pretty sweet.

Check out the recap video from the EDC Vegas Discovery Project and hit your decks! Enter the contest here.

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