Joachim Garraud – I’m Invaded (New 3D Visuals)

Fresh off the launch of his new US-based label, Space Invader Music, and the premiere of his first live 3D show in the City of Angels, Joachim Garraud is already back in the studio mixing up a violent storm like the evil (French) genius we know he is. Catapulting off the success of last year’s single “I’m Invaded” featuring Ze!, the French producer recently debuted a new set of 3D visuals to accompany the original 2012 release, the goal being to offer fans an entirely new sensory experience when playing the track, although we fear it may give them seizures instead.

An incredibly trippy ride that does in fact require you to don a pair of 3D specks to enjoy the full “journey”, this newest video from Garraud epitomizes the concept of “Holy shit. What just happened?” and should probably be viewed in limited doses to avoid a complete system melt down and/or hospitalization.
I’ve been watching this for hours–I’ll let you know how things turn out.

There is no honest description for this one–you’re just going to have to watch it yourself and decide.

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