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Julio Bashmore and Hyetal reunite for Velour release [Preview]

Julio Bashmore and Hyetal return as the production duo Velour for the first time since their 2010 EP The Velvet Collection. Both hailing from Bristol, England the two producers unveiled both tracks from their forthcoming EP due out on Bashmore’s imprint Boardwalk March 4. The first track, “Speedway” stays consistent with the former sounds of Velour, opening with disco-inspired house vibes. “Dial” follows giving listeners a fluttering house line before a smooth “Don’t touch that dial” vocal sample chimes in. Both tracks seep with the silky sounds fans have grown to associate with Velour —  here’s to hoping these are the first of many productions from the duo in 2013.

Click below the break to listen and check out the duo’s remix up-and-comers BenZel’s “Fallin’ Love”.

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