Kaskade talks dance music at the Grammys, EDM is ready for ‘the big room’

At the Grammys this evening Kaskade was vocal with reporters about his hopes for the future of electronic dance music and the genres new found acknowledgement by the iconic awards ceremony;

“The Grammys have embraced us and are figuring out ways to include us, this year better than ever. The categories had some great artists in it and it was representational of what’s happening in my world.”

With Skrillex once again sweeping the dance music category and electronic music making waves at the 2013 Grammys, it’s no surprise that Kaskade believes that dance music is ready for ‘the big room.’ While mainstream popularity is often met with considerable disdain from devotees of the ‘scene,’ dance music’s effect on the global conversation is an important step to solidifying it as a genre and not a marketing fad.

Via: Billboard

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