Pulselocker aims to provide a Spotify for DJsPulselocker New For You

Pulselocker aims to provide a Spotify for DJs

Most DJs view Spotify as a great resource for discovering new music, but when it comes to playing the tracks they find live… well, they’re on their own. Pulselocker begs to differ.

Described on its official blog as “a little bit of Netflix, and a little Dropbox, sprinkled with a generous dose of Spotify,” the innovative new music streaming service allows subscribing DJs to road test tracks from its catalogue in live sets before committing to buy them. Depending on their subscription level, DJs gets a fixed number (100 for beta users) of track slots in their “locker,” which they can only play offline using partner software like Traktor and Serato. Hit a home run? Purchase it to free up the slot. Dance floor dud? Delete it and download another in its place.

Intrigued? Get your hands on the beta here, and check out the video on its locker feature after the break.

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