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Sensation broke Brooklyn sound limits, Barclays Center hit with fine

With all that has transpired over the course of our, young, new year, Sensation’s American inauguration three months ago seems like a distant memory to those tuned in to dance music news. To residents in Brooklyn, New York, however, it feels like just yesterday. Brooklyn’s Barclays Center opened last fall as home to the Brooklyn Nets and has since hosted a variety of concerts, ranging from Jay-Z to Justin Bieber, that have caused complaints from neighbors — but none have been as loud as Sensation America.

“It was so loud that night that I had my headphones on watching TV — and I could still feel the vibration and hear the noise from the show” – Wayne Bailey, Brooklyn Resident and Barclays Center neighbor

Read below the break to find out how loud and how Brooklyn is paying the consequences.

The Department of Environmental Protection tested noise levels in neighboring apartments and found that the sounds exceeded city limits. Sensation had projected 74 decibels, shattering Brooklyn’s limit of 62. The arena developer had been slapped with a $3,200 fine last month, but was quickly dropped over a loophole. The subsidiary that runs that area has now been hit with the same charges and is looking at an April hearing date.

Sensation America was one of the most unique events to reach America, and now it can be considered one of the loudest. This surely comes as an upset to Brooklyn residents, but should entice the dance music community as Sensation is slated to continue touring America.

Via: NY Post

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