Shazam strikes deal with Beatport, track IDs to get even easierBeatportLogo

Shazam strikes deal with Beatport, track IDs to get even easier

Good news dance music junkies: Shazam-ing just got easier. According to the New York Times Media Decoder blog, the popular song identification app has struck a deal with Beatport that will expand its current database by 1.5 million songs. Shazam currently boasts 275 million users (175 million more than its strongest competitor, SoundHound), and the company’s director of music and content, Will Mills, explained to the NYT that dance music continues to become more and more popular on the app, making up for 31 of the 100 most tagged songs in 2012.

Shazam already has a database of around 25 million songs, but because Beatport adds as many as 20,000 new tracks to its database every week this will undoubtedly be a valuable resource to those of us who feel like ripping out our hair when we can’t figure out the name of a track we really enjoy. As the deal goes, when a song is tagged, Shazam will give its users options to direct back to Beatport, YouTube, or even Facebook to share with his or her friends.

via The New York Times

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