Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas ft. My Name is Kay – Singularity (Original Mix)

Last year, Dim Mak front man Steve Aoki joined forces with Indonesian wiz kid Angger Dimas to bring us an electrifying single that sent some pretty intense shivers down our spines. On my end, I’m fairly convinced that the two have managed to condense an actual lightning bolt into .mp3 form, but, unfortunately, the hard evidence still remains to be seen.

Although Aoki teased us towards the end of last year with a preview of this killer track, we’re excited to say that the full song is now officially available for purchase via Beatport. Featuring razor sharp synths that intertwine perfectly with My Name is Kay’s scintillating vocals, “Singularity” is an explosive electro house release that erupts even more viciously than Mt. Vesuvius laying the smackdown on Pompeii. A consistent headbanger from start to finish, this high energy release is 128 BPM of glory and may just take your breath away if you’re not careful.

Purchase: Beatport

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