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Ten ways to know your valentine is obsessed with EDM

Here at Dancing Astronaut we know that chocolate is nice but chopped beats are better and that having a valentine is really only worth it if they’re escorting you to a VDay show. Because we know what you really love (and we love it too), we’ve compiled this handy list to see if your valentine is up to your electronic snuff. So if it’s L-L-O-V-E or L-E-A-V-E, this guide will show you just how committed your date is to EDMing.

1. She starts referring to festival season

For most of the planet, the year is divided into four seasons of roughly three months each. For those with too much EDM in their system, there is only one season that actually matters: festival season. When your girl starts looking at the stretch between Miami Music Week and Labor Day as one big chunk of festival goodness (and doesn’t want chocolate because Ultra is just two months away) you know she’s probably listening to too much EDM.

2. He trains at the gym… for the next music festival

Working out is a regular routine for most guys and most keep up with their fitness year round. When your valentine is hitting the gym extra hard, however, don’t think he’s looking to compete in a weight lifting competition. Chances are he’s training for the next big music festival so he can flex his muscles for his dance circle buddies. This Valentine’s Day, he might be late to dinner, but only because he’s working on his UMF physique.

3. She replaces TomKat and Kim and Kanye with Mau5Kat and Gina and Luke

While not every girl is wrapped up in the intimate details of celebrity lives, if yours suddenly starts talking about Kat and Joel’s totally adorable instagram pictures or how sweet it is that Gina and Luke are making music together, she has both mistaken EDM for a reality show and is perhaps dropping hints about your relationship. The good news is, she’s trying.

4. He’s stopped going out on Friday nights to have weekly dates with Pete Tong

It’s Friday night. He just got paid and you’re hoping that he’s going to take you out to dinner. Instead, he has a date with someone else — Pete Tong. Your valentine has stopped going out on Friday nights altogether and has been recently romanticizing with the likes of Eric Prydz and Mat Zo. Luckily for you, Valentine’s Day lands on a Thursday this year.

5. She’s started expressing herself…through handstands

While women of the 90s had Sir Mix A Lot to thank for his appreciation of a more bodacious bod, today girls have Diplo to thank for giving them something new to do with their booty. If your girl is suddenly doing a lot of upper body work or dropping the word “twerk,” chances are she’s got the hots for one half of Major Lazer. If you’re lucky, this Valentine’s day she’ll do some twerk work on you too.

6. He’s made the terms, “epic,” “killing it,” and “massive” part of his regular vocabulary

You’re out on your Valentine’s date and all you want to hear are romantic whispers. Instead, he continues to talk about everything as if it were a DJ set. Rather than calling you “beautiful,” he calls you “epic.” Rather than saying “this meal is delicious,” he says “this meal kills it.” Unfortunately, your sensitive side is out of luck until pillow talk.

7. She declares she’ll only get married if the honeymoon is in Ibiza

Your girl doesn’t speak Spanish, pronounces “Ibiza” like “Lisa” and couldn’t differentiate it from Majorca on a map, but all the sudden she has the party island fever, and you’re the lucky one she’s itching to go with. If you’re getting a little overwhelmed with the wedding talk this Valentine’s Day, don’t tell her you need some Space…chances are she’ll want to come too.

8. His closet is filled with tank tops and matching bandanas

You’ve been waiting to wear your Valentine’s Day dress for 365 days. That’s not the case for your date because you’ve never even seen his dress shirts, slacks, or belts. Dozens of tank tops and bandanas are pushed to the front of his closet and you’re left to wonder if he’s going to pull out his gentleman attire or come to dinner ready for EDC.

9. She has Zedd as her laptop background.

Not as rugged as Brad Pitt, not as scandalous as Michael Phelps, Zedd has taken over your girl’s screen because he’s just “so cute!” And how could you be mad, baby? He’s just a lil producer piano player with pretty eyes. She would NEVER cheat on you with him. Or wish he was the one taking her to pizza on Valentine’s Day. Ever. Promise.

10. He has Nervo as his laptop background

You’re not the jealous type, but he won’t stop talking about his favorite DJs who happen to be the twins you saw on the latest CoverGirl commercial. He plays all their tracks and openly proclaims his love for Liv and Mim Nervo. You open his laptop and the girls are spawned across his wallpaper. But not to worry; when he’s bringing you flowers, the Nervo twins are nowhere to be found.

Dylan Farella contributed to this article