The M Machine elucidates the magic in electronic musicThe M Machine

The M Machine elucidates the magic in electronic music

The M Machine recently took to the Huffington Post to share their opinion on the relationship between computers and music, particularly the rise of EDM in the wake of advancing technology. After the release of their Metropolis Part II EP to a ubiquitous warm reception, it’s common consensus that this San Franciscan trio is not your average set of musicians. The M Machine begin their editorial with two distinct points: the ascension of computer processing has led to an infinite canvas of creative, digital expression, and our generation’s social media aptitude has fostered an unparalleled virtual connectivity, both of which are fueling the recent explosion of EDM. The M Machine go on, a bit more romantically, to describe the “magic” in digital music production.

“We often find ourselves thinking about the “magic” that’s happening inside the computer while producing. Sound is a wave of energy through air, and the most common digital representation of sound occurs by analyzing that wave 44,100 times every second and recording the amplitude of the wave at each moment.”

The M Machine proceed to break down the physics of electronic music, eloquently describing the sampling rate of digital audio. Their explanations exude a professorial expertise as they capably delineate the extensive processing behind a song, which usually contains up to “25-70 tracks which all need to be processed and mixed down to a single representation of a waveform 44,100 times every second.”

Yet despite their more technical jargon, The M Machine’s contagious wonder cannot be restrained:

“Every artist has access to what, ten years ago, only existed in multi-million dollar recording studios, and tomorrow’s next music phenomenon could emerge from anywhere in the world. As the first wave of musicians raised wholly in the digital realm (think Porter Robinson and Madeon) take the world by storm, we feel nothing but profound excitement to hear the conjurings of musicians who have grown up possessing the tools for unlimited musical expression.”

Moved? You should be. The M Machine hit the nail on the head. With talented new artists emerging nearly every day, we are truly experiencing a golden age of digital music production. New tools for both live performance and production are materializing at the fastest rate in history, and creative boundaries are falling like flies. Take a step back and savor the ongoing revolution. You’re living it.

Via: Huffington Post

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