Ticketmaster rolls out new digital ticket-transfer platformTicketmaster

Ticketmaster rolls out new digital ticket-transfer platform

Ticketmaster has rolled out their new digital ticket-transfer platform, which allows concert goers to transfer tickets from their own accounts to someone else’s at no additional cost. The feature combats common problems such as counterfeiting and fraud, as well as obstacles like inconvenient (and potentially dangerous) ticket meet ups. Now with just a few clicks, your ticket can be transferred in an instant. Billboard explains the process as such:

“To transfer tickets, fans log in to their “My Ticketmaster” account on www.ticketmaster.com, click the order number of the tickets they wish to transfer, and the “Transfer Tickets” button.  Finally, the fan enters the name and email address of each recipient and selects which tickets to transfer. To receive the tickets, the recipient will click “Accept Tickets” in the ticket transfer email Ticketmaster sends. The receiving fan will then sign into “My Ticketmaster” or create an account if they do not have one, enter the delivery method, and the tickets are transferred.”

It’s important to note that this ease isn’t only beneficial to your average fan, but also your friendly neighborhood scalper. So, while the digitized ticket-transfer platform helps protect potential buyers from purchasing counterfeit tickets, it seems to also encourage scalping. One suggestion to mitigate this effect is monitoring users transfer activity and flagging those who seem suspicious — this is, however, a slippery slope. How can one be sure that a user’s frequent reselling isn’t just a string of bad luck or poor planning? What do you think of the new platform? Is the trade-off worth it?

Digital transfer will be integrated to mobile in the spring as part of a major facelift on the Ticketmaster app.

Via Billboard

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