Tritonal ft. Meredith Call – Bring Me Home (Original Mix) [Preview]Tritonal Bring Me Home

Tritonal ft. Meredith Call – Bring Me Home (Original Mix) [Preview]

Texas trance team Tritonal is heading into festival season strong, planning to cap off Miami Music Week with the release of the first in a three-EP series. The three-track Metamorphic I will be released March 25th, promising to bring more than trance to the table. Chad and Dave have already previewed the album’s more progressive “Bullet That Saved Me” and are following it up with “Bring Me Home,” a stripped-down orchestral track. Featuring a piano-driven melody and Meredith Call’s devastatingly heartfelt vocals, the track can’t really be called dance music but seems to serve as an interlude between Tritonal’s previous work and whatever lies ahead.


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