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Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ EP: 10 remixes from Funkagenda, Headhunterz, Swanky Tunes and others (review)

We were admittedly a bit surprised last week when Zedd’s Clarity EP was released featuring only a select few of the anticipated remixes. Thankfully, as we later learned, the renditions by Tiësto, Brillz, and Style of Eye constituted only the iTunes segment of the official remixes. Today, Zedd and Interscope Records have released the official Beatport edition of the Clarity EP, boasting 10 productions from talented producers such as  Funkagenda, Headhunterz, Felix Cartel, Torro Torro, Swanky Tunes and more. While Brillz’s take stole the spotlight on part one, click past the break to find out which remixes excelled above the rest in this colossal remix package.

Building his production from the ground up with no presets, Funkagenda has crafted a roaring progressive house remix to “Clarity.” Beginning with Foxes’ sweet vocal wrapped in emphatic reverb, the ensuing sinister first drop is a lovely surprise. Chugging along with a steady beat and an illustrious halftime section, Funkagenda revives the splendidly ominous drop for a satisfying conclusion to a masterfully-imagined remix.

Zedd – Clarity (Funkagenda Remix)

Just as he did with “Spaceman,” an anthem of similar stature, Headhunterz has put a riveting hardstyle spin on “Clarity.” Upping the tempo noticeably but not undesirably, Headhunterz works off an echoing melody reminiscent of the Who’s “Baba O’riley,” before pumping the remix with his quintessential hard dance kicks and synths.

Zedd – Clarity (Headhunterz Remix)

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Zedd collaborated with Felix Cartel on his remix of “Clarity.” The thunderous reverberations of the drop have all the makings of a heavy Zedd production. Though similar to Zedd’s style, the comparison is a compliment in the highest form.

Zedd – Clarity (Felix Cartel Remix)

If I had to pick a word to describe Torro Torro, it would be animatronic. The synths employed by the Canadian duo consistently emulate the dialect of a robotic animal (with consistently invigorating results). Their take on “Clarity” is classic Torro Torro, making use of an enticing electro house build up and their signature yelping-robot drop.

Zedd – Clarity (Torro Torro Remix)

Surprisingly, Swanky Tunes’ remix is one of the only pure big room house productions in the package. Revamping the original with plenty of snares and an escalating melody, Swanky Tunes carve out their niche in the diverse remix package by playing to their strengths.

Zedd – Clarity (Swanky Tunes Remix)

Other official “Clarity” remixes include Tiësto, Style of Eye, Nick Thayer, Shreddie Mercury, and Roy Rosenfeld.

On the whole, the Clarity Remixes EP is a remarkably impressive release. Though elevated by Brillz’s astonishing trap rendition and the “Union Mix,” the iTunes edition of the Clarity EP is vastly trumped by the magnitude of these ten remixes. Funkagenda has provided some of his most brilliant work yet, while Headhunterz is consummately on point as usual. Though lumped in with the other electro house renditions by Style of Eye and Torro Torro, Felix Cartal’s remix should not be overlook either. Is this the end of the “Clarity” train? Most likely not. But with remixes as good as Funkagenda’s and Headhunterz’ still being released, we’re not quite ready to completely disavow the ubiquitous single.

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