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Zedd releases ‘Clarity’ remixes featuring Tiësto and few surprises

After a wildly successful remix contest and remix EP for Zedd’s “Spectrum,” it seemed only natural that Clarity‘s eponymous single should receive the same treatment. While the remixes started back in November with Aylen’s lovestep rework, it was only last week that Zedd unveiled the sumptuous roster of producers for the official “Clarity” remix package.

With renditions from TiëstoStyle of Eye, Brillz, and an orchestral edit from Zedd himself, the “Clarity” remix package is just as daunting as its counterpart’s previous package. Curious to see whose stole the spotlight? Click past the break to read our review.

At first glance, Tiësto’s take on “Clarity” sounds very reminiscent of the original. Working off a a similar build up formula, the remix truly begins with the unexpected blaring, brass-toned synths of the drop. Though seemingly a bit underwhelming for Tiësto’s standards, like any of his tracks, it’s difficult to make a true assessment until hearing it live. While the build up is a bit banal, the drop is certainly festival-ready.

Zedd – Clarity (Tiësto Remix)

When I heard there was a trap remix of “Clarity,” I was admittedly, and unfairly, skeptical. After all, Diplo and Grandtheft successfully remixed “Sweet Nothing,” a similarly soft, effeminate-vocal progressive house track. Yet after bathing in Brillz’s engrossing trap remix for some time now, I can safely say that it’s one of the best of the remix package. The broken beat and massive kick drums amplify the power behind “Clarity” to an astonishing level of brazenness.

Zedd – Clarity (Brillz Remix)

In contrast to the other remixes of the EP, Style of Eye’s electro spin on “Clarity” is perhaps the most rigorous. With its distorted, frenetic drop, Style of Eye’s remix — with the exception of a few lulls — is a thrilling take on Zedd’s exuberant original.

Zedd – Clarity (Style of Eye Remix)

Rounding out the remix package is Zedd’s orchestra cover of “Clarity,” originally debuted on Letterman with Foxes. In the same vein as his acoustic cover of “Spectrum,” Zedd’s cover of “Clarity” showcases his exceptional piano skills. Backed by symphonic instruments, namely violins, Zedd’s “Union Mix” of “Clarity” is a delightful, heart-warming addition to the EP.

Zedd – Clarity (Zedd Union Mix)

On the whole, the Clarity Remix EP was almost up to par with its Spectrum EP counterpart. With a diverse range of styles represented — from house, to electro, to trap — Clarity EP showcases talent from an impressive assemblage of producers. With that siad, I would have liked to see the inclusion of more remixes, particularly the brilliant rendition by Funkagenda. While Brillz’s trap remix excelled, Style of Eye’s work deserves an honorable mention. The addition of the “Union Mix” was a nice touch to an already extensive EP. Now that you’ve heard the first official remixes, which one is your favorite?

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