Alan Braxe – Moments in Time EP [Free Download]Brae

Alan Braxe – Moments in Time EP [Free Download]

French electronic mainstay Alan Braxe is no stranger to melodic success. After emerging as one of the architects of Stardust’s seminal 1998 hit “Music Sounds Better With You” alongside Daft Punk‘s Thomas Bangalter, Braxe hit the remix circuit hard in the following decade, lending his emotive touch to tracks by artists as varied as Björk and Britney Spears. After a handful of releases on his own eclectic Vulture Music label over the past couple years, the versatile veteran has returned with a dreamy synth-pop EP that is a clear reminder of the full range of his production prowess.

On standout track “One More Chance,” the Spimes’ deliciously off-kilter vocals flit above a ponderous beat and distant ambient swells. “Time Machine” finds Braxe collaborating with the Spimes once more. The producer layers throwback synth progressions and organic drum rhythms behind an abstract yet strangely soothing vocal line before veering off into percolating arpeggiators in advance of the final chorus. The pleasant plodding of “Voices” yields to the stuttered synth flourishes of the ethereal closer “Daydreaming” to cap off a fitting return to form. Moments in Time is a lush analog listening experience in which yesterday’s sounds  take on oddly refreshing tones within intricately restrained arrangements. Music simply does sound better with Alan Braxe, so don’t miss the free download of his EP and its seven associated remixes at Scion AV.

Free Download: Scion AV

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