Baauer and Mad Decent sued for unlicensed ‘Harlem Shake’ samplesBaauer At Webster Hall

Baauer and Mad Decent sued for unlicensed ‘Harlem Shake’ samples

After securing a spot in the internet hall of fame and a cover story on Billboard magazine, the young Brooklyn-based producer, Harry Bauer Rodrigues, better known as Baauer, has come under fire for the sample used in his breakthrough hit “Harlem Shake.” Hector Delgado, a former reggaeton artist known as Hector El Father, is responsible for the “Con los terroristas” (“With the terrorists”) sample while Jayson Musson, formerly of Philadelphia-based rap group Plastic Little, is credited with the “Do the Harlem Shake” vocal cut that triggers the track’s infectious break. Neither artist gave permission for their samples to be used and are both seeking compensation from Mad Decent and Baauer in light of the track’s explosive success.

Oddly enough, Hector Delgado’s sample was also used in a remix of Gregor Salto’s “Con Alegria” by two lesser known DJs back in 2010 but Mr. Delgado did not seek compensation from that incident – most likely because the remix in question did not achieve the level of success that Baauer’s original has.

Machete Music, a Universal Music Group label, is currently negotiating payment from Mad Decent.

Via: New York Times

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