BNR celebrates its 100th release with Boys Noize remixes from The Chemical Brothers and Justice

Boys Noize‘s latest EP, Out of the Black, saw the iconic electro producer dive into new territory. Still intact, however, were his feverishly unrelenting bass lines and a warehouse aesthetic that was as thrilling as it was haunting. To celebrate the 100th release on the BNR imprint, Boys Noize has commissioned two of electronic music’s most-inspired production duos, The Chemical Brothers and Justice, to remix two cuts from his recent Out of the Black EP.  Remixing “XTC” and “Ich R U” respectively, the pairings treat Alex Ridha’s creations with care, using their studiotime to build on the tracks’ already flawless foundations.

 The Chemical Brothers approach their remix with surgical precision, augmenting “XTC” with a lush soundscape of powerful electronica. More than just a punchy drop designed for a dancefloor, the duo deliver a production that ebbs and flows with thoughtful vision resulting in a fully-fleshed out electro dream sequence.

No strangers to filtercuts and French touch, the Parisien duo Justice take a page out of their Cross playbook and turn “Ich R U” from an aggressive electro cut into something more subdued. Incorporating the familiar sonic palate that made them famous, Justice replaces the original’s mechanical groans with prog-rock guitars and distorted, organ-like synthesizers.

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